The Washington Area Housing Partnership frequently conducts research and publishes reports related to affordable housing and other housing market trends in the metropolitan Washington region. Below is a list of the reports.


The 2006 Metropolitan Washington Annual Regional Housing Report features an article on major global and national trends by Charles W. McMillion, CEO and Chief Economist of MBG Information Services. The article describes three major trends that could potentially impact local governments in terms of growth and development in the region. The trends touch upon globalization, the federal deficit, regional federal spending, and the potential impacts of sprawling development patterns on our economy. The report also includes annual housing market data for the jurisdictions and the metropolitan Washington region. Data compares the average sales prices of homes in each jurisdiction during the year of 2005 and the average time homes stayed on the market. Click on the report cover to download a pdf copy.

The Partnership's Quarterly Housing News is a companion to the Metropolitan Washington Annual Regional Housing Report released by the Partnership on an annual basis. The Quarterly Housing News features timely articles and housing market trends throughout the Washington region. Previous issues can be found below or on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments' website.

The Prince George’s County Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) contracted the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ (COG) Washington Area Housing Partnership (“the Partnership”) to conduct the 2005 Rental Housing Survey. The objective of the rental housing survey is to provide Prince George’s County with an accurate picture of the rental housing properties in the County and contribute to informed policy and regulatory decisions as they relate to rental housing. This report is the fourth rental housing survey the Partnership will have completed for Prince George’s County. Three previous rental housing studies have been completed for the County in 1998, 2000, and 2003. Results from these studies will be used, where appropriate, to make time analysis comparisons important to DHCD and the general public.


The best practices in the Toolkit give specific information and resources about how local governments apply planning tools and policies in the context of housing. The Toolkit examines how these best practices are structured and applied locally within the metropolitan Washington region and throughout the country. The Toolkit is designed to be a resource for elected officials, non-profit and for profit developers, the business community, neighborhood organizations, housing advocates, religious institutions, and the general public. The eight sections are divided into the following affordable housing topics: policies and programs, preservation, design, financial tools, homeowner assistance, rental assistance housing for special needs, and education/advocacy.


The cost of rental housing continues to climb throughout the metropolitan region. Between 2001 and 2002, average rents have increased 16.6% from $992 per month to $1,157. Average rents exceed $1,000 per month in several jurisdictions, with the average monthly rent in Arlington County (the highest in the region) reaching $1,236. Find out more about the rental burndens in the metropolitan Washington region by downloading the report to the left.